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FaceUp is a web platform and mobile app designed to fight teen suicide, depression, social exclusion, bullying and other psychosocial issues at schools. We enable effective solutions to any problems at their start. This app is available to all schools for free.


Through our app, students can anonymously report any troubling behaviour directly to the people appointed by the school. They will receive not only the name of the victim but in most cases more detailed information as well.


Why do students report through the FaceUp app?


The main benefit of our system is anonymity. We give learners a chance to voice their concerns without having to worry. They are not threatened and can fight mental health in the way most acceptable to them. We do not require the name of the aggressor, avoiding 'telling on someone', which makes the application harder to misuse. Afterward, the information from the report is sent to a trained school staff member who will be trained on the correct processes in order to proceed and assist learners.



FaceUp seems to offer a dynamic system to empower both learners and educators in schools to help curb psychosocial issues, such as bullying and other mental health challenges. This reporting system strives to use a positive stance to empower schools to effectively help their learners. Alongside the reporting system, the training offered to teachers, parents and learners about psychosocial issues offers positive outlooks and resources.

Dr Lizette Matthews

Educational Psychologist

South Africa

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