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One-on-one counselling with a registered psychological practitioner in a safe, caring and confidential environment.

A process where people with similar experiences come together and share in the counselling process. Everyone in the group contributes in some way, listening to others and sharing.

Psychometric assessments focus on the theory and technique of psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and interests. 

Valuable insight and support are shared focusing on various psychosocial issues faced in schools. 

Our Approach

We are here to help guide our clients to the path that they would like to be on. We work with the client's needs and adapt to their framework. Each person is unique and we want to explore and understand their uniqueness with them.

Getting Help

We all seem to be struggling with something. Whether it is work, school, relationships or just plain life. Having somewhere to turn for help and support is so important in today's world. 


You might not feel like you need to go for counselling but there is always help around the corner. Here are some articles and resources that we hope will help you be the best 'you' possible. 


Depression & Suicide


Anxiety & Worries





Study Habits

Don't take today's problem with you into tomorrow.
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